Sternberg Palace


Sternberg Palace is open to visitors at the 2002nd and 2003rd The reconstruction took place. Housed in an old castle standing European Baroque art exhibition (a collection of old masters), such as El Greco and Rembrandt (Portrait “scientist” in his studio in the 1634th year) and Ruben paintings. Galleries are proud of Albrecht Dürer “Rosary Feast” (1506), which bought the Emperor Rudolf II as it portrayed one of his ancestors, Maximilian I. Other works owned by Gertgena tot Sint Jan, Jana Gosārta and father and son BRUGEL brushes. China hall and two Spanish works fine, El Greco, “the head of Christ” and Goya’s “Don Miguel de Lardizabala portrait”, is also very interesting. Represented by the works of the Italian Renaissance Andrea della Robbia, Sebastiano del Pjombo and Pietro della Francesca. The 17th century baroque palace was built for Count Vaclav Sternberg (timeframe between the 1698th and the 1707th year).