4 Adventurous Trekking Sites Near Bangalore

In case you love to do trekking and adventure then you must not skip variety of destinations around your city. Of course, you might be thinking that you have tight schedules, draining projects and so many family responsibilities, right? Well, even if you have all this stuff on your desk, you can enjoy trekking. All you have to do is take a step.

Trekking near Bangalore

You can carry out exciting trekking trips and tours within a day and on your weekends. Such fulfilling intervals will fill your life with thrill, enthusiasm and enjoyment. So, are you ready for some Trekking near Bangalore? Let us find out some spectacular and absolutely adventurous trekking destinations near your city.

  1. Ramadevara Betta

This trekking track in Ramnagar is situated at a distance of around fifty kilometres. It is the ideal trail for the fellows who love trekking, rock climbing and rappelling. Once you reach at the spot of base, just climb the stairs which are around 300 in number. After crossing these stairs, you will reach the temple. You can climb ahead from there. There is a beautiful and thrilling trek to reach to the top. This Sholay spot will definitely win y your hearts and give you a thrilling and adventurous experience.

  1. Karighatta Trek

This amazing trekking destination is situated hundred kilometres from Bangalore. It is a perfect destination for traveling buffs and trekking enthusiasts. Karighatta hill is situated at an altitude of 2,697 feet. You can have a great time during a trekking trip to this destination!

  1. Anthargange

This spot is situated at a distance of only one hour drive from Bangalore. The short and pleasurable trek can fill your instant adventurous needs. You know this Anthargange trek is one of an utmost sought after trek near Bangalore. This trek is a blend of trekking and cave exploration which drives the enthusiasm factor. Anthargange hill is fully covered with boulders. This spot is situated at a distance of about 65km from Bangalore. The hill is at a height of 1712m above the sea level.

It is needless to say that an Anthargange trip is ideal for trekking. About three kilometre trek is quite moderate as the journey starts with broken rocks and wavy paths in the boulders. Such an adventurous and joyous trip will certainly fill you with splendour.

  1. Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeshwari is a place surrounded by spectacular valleys. Here a number of splashing rivers and streams lattice the rolling terrain. The enclosing forest area possesses a huge number of Indian Wildlife Species. While you carry out your trekking endeavours, you might also spot deer on your way.

The beauty of this place is that there are various wildlife trekking tracks available for both the beginners and professionals. The treks are divided into three categories like easy, medium, and tough. The degree of toughness depends on distance from four kilometres to thirty kilometres. The entire tracks are full of adventure and rich sites.


So, now you see how blessed you are to be in Bangalore?You can relish not just your day today life but you can have as much adventure as you want right in and around your city.

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