Enjoy London For Free This Summer!

Whether you’re planning on travelling to London from abroad this summer or are simply planning a couple of days there from within the UK, one thing is for certain and that is that travel is once again getting more and more expensive; including many attractions! As such, we’re needing to save harder and harder to go away on holiday and even when we’re able to do that, our money doesn’t go anywhere near as far as we’d like it to!


As such, we wanted to take a look at how you can enjoy London on a shoestring budget, bringing you just some of the very best attractions which cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yes, that’s right…there really are attractions in London which are absolutely free and will, at the end of the day, allow you to enjoy everything which the city has to offer without needing to spend a fortune on expensive tickets to some of the ‘top name’ attractions. In many cases, you’ll have a better time when you’re not spending a fortune and you’ll certainly find many of the free attractions live up to everything which the ‘expensive’ ones have to offer.

Below, you’ll find three top places to see in London for free:

  1. Free Tours Of London 

Bus tours and boat tours are not only expensive but limit you to what you can see. Going on a guided walking tour of London will allow you to see all of the hidden sights of the city and ensure you can see places which you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. Free Tours Of London boast three fantastic FREE guided walking tours of London in the form of their Jack The Ripper Tour, their Old City Tour and their Royal Tour. Running each day, come rain or shine, their experienced, fun and friendly tour guides will ensure you see all the sights and more without needing to spend on a ticket to one of the expensive bus tours!

  1. The British Museum 

There’s few places where you can see so much history under one roof, however The British Museum offers you the chance to do just that. From Greek and Egyptian history through to the War’s, you’ll find something from almost every period and you’ll easily fill a full day there. With the museum being completely free entry, you don’t need to worry about booking a ticket, however it’s advised that you get there early given it’s popularity and the fact that it can get exceptionally busy throughout the day. It’s a must-visit museum and one for the whole family.

  1. Science Museum

London’s Science Museum offers fun for the whole family for absolutely nothing! Situated in Kensington, right next to the Natural History Museum and the V&A, you could easily spend three separate days going between the three and you’ll have a fantastic time doing so! The Science Museum offers a range of educational and interactive exhibits, regardless of whether you’re into space, science or nature!

At the end of the day, London doesn’t have to cost a fortune for you to enjoy it and with such great attractions for free, you need to question why you’d ever consider spending on a top ticket attraction again?