Best-Kept Thai Treasure: The Island Of Koh Lipe

Ever had a day when the world, its ways and all those dreary have-tos got just a bit too much for your taste? Or, have you ever dreamed of running away from it all and seeking refuge from the fast-paced city life under lush palm trees on a sun-speckled sandy beach, somewhere far away in a country where nobody knows you? Well, why not follow that dream this year and experience life at its best at least for a little while, if not for good? For your 2015 holiday, take a trip to Thailand’s best-kept wellness secret – the island of Koh Lipe. Situated in the southern part of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, this beautiful island has everything it takes to soothe your mind, body and soul and thoroughly top up your batteries with a bit of tropical Thai heaven.


Take a deep breath and make it count: Koh Lipe recreation programs 

Known as one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, Koh Lipe offers a wide range of enticing programs and potentials for recreation lovers and water sport enthusiasts. From swimming in the crystal clear seawaters and action-packed volleyball matches on the warm sands of the Pattaya Beach to diving in Koh Lipe off the Sunrise Beach and snorkeling around the nearby islands of Koh Usen and Koh Kra, options for engaging in enthralling holiday activities spring endless on this blissful Thai island. Take a refreshing dive into the breath-taking depths of the Andaman Sea with your scuba instructor and inspect a number of stunning coral reefs and rich marine flora and fauna up close; or, try hiking across the island and watch the sun take its daily plunge into the sea at the Hat Pramong bay. Whatever your seaside activity of preference may be, rest assured: Koh Lipe will definitely live up to your greatest vacationing expectations.

Take a bite of Thailand at its best: Cafes and restaurants in Koh Lipe 

Tourists who prefer a leisurely vacation to recreation and would rather spend their afternoons in a cozy reclining chair with a cocktail in hand than pump up adrenaline and wander about exploring the outdoors will love the café and restaurant offer of Koh Lipe. Though diminutive in size, this splendid Thai island takes pride in its catering reputation and there are a number of differently styled cafes to pick and choose from. We recommend you take a sip of your favorite drink at the Mellowmango Bar: we guarantee you’ll be met with the best of Thai friendliness and cordiality any time you show up at the bar. Gourmets and culinary experts will certainly appreciate the abundant menu at the OMG Sports Bar & Restaurant, featuring a number of traditional Thai dishes and some landmark meals of the European cuisine. For a holiday night out and partying ‘till late hours the Thai way, check in at the Happy Vibe Bar at the Sunrise Beach: as the name of the place suggest, this is a spot where you’ll catch a positive vibe in a flash and keep coming back for more ‘till your holiday winds up.

Wine and dine Thai style: Where to stay during your Koh Lipe holiday 

If you’re a first-timer in Koh Lipe, the best tip we can give you is to book your accommodation on time. Since the island is small (you can cross it by foot on an afternoon-long walk), accommodation capacities are limited so checking the available rooms and bungalows online well beforehand is not only recommendable but also necessary. Tourists on a relatively modest budget can find decent yet affordable rooms to let on Sunrise Beach, while those who live in a slightly bigger closet and like to spend their summer vacation in style and glamour should definitely try Pattaya Beach and its upmarket hotels for size. If you’re a lover of seclusion and few tourists in sight or if you’re simply looking to spend your vacation in Koh Lipe outside the peak tourist season, you’d better avoid the busy weeks from mid-December to late February and opt for any other month instead, just to stay on the safe – and less crowded – side.

From diving and snorkeling to lazy afternoons in the beachside café and party-nights among friendly locals, Koh Lipe has all you’re looking for in a perfect summer destination this year, so make sure you start looking for your island accommodation ASAP. After all, you’ll never know what thrills and joys Thailand has in store just for you unless you put your foot in its sea and taste all its flavors at their best.