Contrast And Unprecedented Impact Of Land Iceland

An absolute natural greatness, where the dark depths of the earth bubbling volcanoes, pale milky blue lagoon is covered with fog and icebergs as stiff noble gems glides over the waters of the deep sea … Here everything is just stored in an ancient mystery that man has only one can sense but not to remember. A fitness holiday to Iceland is a special experience, this is to get under the skin of Jules Verne and go explore the curiosities of the natural wonders that are found in the island of open spaces.

One of the most unique places in Iceland has, National Park, where you encounter the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. This phenomenon can also be observed on the surface where the rocky landscape divided into deep cracks, but if you are closer to the heart to adrenaline flowing, where you can actually touch and explore this unique natural phenomenon! History enthusiasts will be able to turn to visit the place previously occupied by the world’s oldest parliament. There, both the building no longer have nothing left, but the visitors center provides a wealth of insight into the history of the Parliament and its sense.

But, as we all know, Iceland’s visit is not complete without the famous geyser points!

Near the boiling natural wonder is also a powerful, 32-meter high waterfall Gulfoss where the torrent pouring wide Hvítá River. Speaking of water, must be expressly mentioned in the exciting opportunity to sit in a boat and race down the some of the melted glacier rivers, where you can fold izkliegties and experience uncontrolled Icelandic water currents!

Although Iceland is located in the far northern latitudes, only 10% of the area is covered with glaciers. The most prominent home to the country’s highest mountain and the most powerful waterfall Dettifoss. And if there is a desire for more ice and adventure, then Jokulsarlon or in translation “Glacier Lagoon” is the right place. Until recently, the lagoon was frozen over, there were filming one of the James Bond blockbusters, which ran over the frozen surface of the BMW, but nowadays most by melted glacial lagoon quietly floating icebergs.

When will relax in warmer waters, it must go to the Blue Lagoon or the blue lagoon, where light blue, 40 degrees warm water covering the white fog clouds. This place is popular among the people of Iceland, as well as its guests the healing properties of the water that lies in the specific composition.

After the warm up you can go and see some of the island’s bubbling volcanoes, which occasionally announces its presence in the world’s press. By the way, one of these volcanoes, which are now covered with a thick ice cover was used as the main objective of the expedition of Jules Verne’s book “Journey to the Center of the Earth“!

Iceland really is like an incredible fairy tale country where peacefully gliding across the horizon giant whales, but the island itself is wrapped in silence and ancient legends about the unimaginable natural wonders.

Indulge in the spirit of adventure and discover this mysterious country and you!