5 Natural Wonders In Australia That Will Leave You Speechless

Aussie land can be a sheer delight in more ways than one. Serving myriad interests, Australia has something for everyone. From iconic landmarks including the opera house in Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, and beaches where you can say the dynamic culture prevalent in the entire nation, Australia is an out and out tourist magnet. Surging almost every Australia trip planner is its amazing wealth of natural beauty. Listed below are five natural wonders that will entice you to plan your trip to this ‘Land Down Under’.

  • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef has garnered a lot of attention to Australia for featuring the world’s richest underwater wealth. Credited to be the world’s largest coral reef system, this site is the only living phenomena that can be seen even from the space! This barrier reef is made up of a whopping 2,900 individual reefs along with 900 islands. Home to billions of coral polyps, this site was counted as one of the seven wonders of the world.

  • The Twelve Apostles, Princetown

A fabulous example of nature’s happenings, the twelve apostles stand erect in the Bass Strait. A result of erosion prevailing to Southern Ocean’s extreme weather conditions, these limestone towers constantly undergo erosion. Interestingly, when these limestone stacks derived their name, there existed only nine towers, out of which only eight remain now. In the year 2005, the ninth apostle collapsed in a striking manner. You must catch a glimpse of these ASAP as they are forecasted to be eroded in the near future owing to the strait’s dramatic waves.

  • Uluru, Northern Territory

Also referred to as the Ayers Rock, this natural wonder will fill your eyes with its gigantic, monolithic being. Made of sandstone, the rock is considered sacred to the region’s Aboriginal tribe of Pitjantjatjara Anangu. Its characteristic features like rock caves, water springs, and even paintings dating back to the ancient times, offer a vast range of activities for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. Owing to all this goodness, the rock is credited to be one of the many UNESCO world heritage sites in Australia.

  • Shark Bay, Western Australia

Perched in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region, the Shark Bay lies in Australia’s westernmost point. When you see from up above, this site can easily spotted with its distinct W-shaped. The bay is home to a wide range of endangered species including several dugongs. This place derived its name from the fact that the bay is saturated with a number of sharks, on 7 August 1699 by the English explorer William Dampier. It has been a world heritage site since 1991.

  • The Pinnacles, Western Australia

The OZ land is endowed with a lot of limestone and along with the twelve apostles it is the Pinnacles that make it to this list of natural wonders on Australia. Formed in the Nambung National Park, these gems can be reached by a two-hour drive from Perth. There are many theories attached to the formation of these limestones, only adding to their appeal, which you should find out by yourself!

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