The Most Beautiful Beaches In Thailand

Are you overworked and looking for a sweet escape or a travel enthusiastic looking to undertake your next adventure then think no more as Thailand is the one stop destination to ensure you get what you desire. Thailand is famous for its beautiful culture and white sand beaches with clear blue water and pristine environment , so we came up with a list of beaches that you should definitely visit when you plan to land in Thailand as it has been rightly said that you can never have too much of beach!!!.

  1. Sunset Beach :Located on a small bay on Ko Lipe also goes by the name of Hat Pramong this beach faces west due to which it receives a stunning sunset due to which it got the name is a perfect place to relax and rewind. The beach has yet not had any resorts build but tourist can stay in bungalows and huts which are available at Priceline discounts and would give them the traditional feeling which Thailand is all about.
  2. Maya Bay: if you are a movie buff you must be familiar with this beach which became famous for being the location for Leonardo Decaprio’s movie ‘The Beach’. The beauty of this beach lies in the three way coverage that comes from the cliffs that surround it and makes for a beautiful day and night view
  3. Phra Nang Beach : This beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches there is to be , located in the southern of Railway, this beach is surrounded with limestone cliffs and clear emerald water. The cliffs are popular in tourist for scaling as climbers try to scale these cliffs by help from local instructors who aren’t hesitant to show them the ropes in Priceline discounts.
  4. Patong Beach: If you are not about relaxing and finding your inner peace and looking for fun and party then Patong beach is your dream come true as this beach is buzzing with vendors promoting and selling rentals, jet skiing, parasailing. This is one of the most popular beaches for partying as there is no scarcity of live music and food.
  5. Haad Rin: Located on the island of Ko Phangan this island is located on a narrow peninsula dues to which one can see both the sunset and sunrise over the sea which adds to its appeal. The island is very well known for its full moon party which acts like a magnet for travelers around the world to come and witness this event, during the event the beach is lined with huge sound system’s and bustling with party lovers. 

So these are some of the beaches that you should definitely put your foot upon when you are in Thailand because they reflect the beauty and simplicity of the country as these beaches are still very much untouched and unharmed which makes the experience all more special and takes you to another level of  peace and tranquility