Ultimate Packing Guide From Top Travellers

No matter how many times you may have jumped on a plane to visit those far-flung lands, your luggage seems to always be a concern. That moment when you arrive at your hotel or hostel and open up your luggage, it usually seems to be crumpled up and somewhat dishevelled. So how about bucking the trend and doing it the right way for once? This short guide will walk you through how to pack your bags the way they are meant to be packed!

Luggage choice

No matter what style of luggage you prefer, it is advisable to always choose the lightweight option if possible. Just remember that you will usually be the one responsible for carrying your luggage around and it can get rather tiresome especially if you are planning to stay at more than one place on your trip. Wheels are a cool option if you are taking a suitcase-style of luggage and you can also opt for wheeled backpacks if they are more your style.

Get organised

Once you have chosen your ideal luggage item, it is time to think about adding your clothes and other bits and pieces. By doing this in an organised fashion, you should be able to ensure that everything is easy to access when you arrive. Packing cubes are a very useful product that can be used with your luggage and these allow you to keep your stuff in the right place. There are also compression sacks that actually shrink your clothes up to 80% and this creates way more space.


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Get this right or risk having a whole lot of mess when you open your luggage! Use zip-top bags and remember to adhere to the restrictions of your airline. Make a list of the essentials because you may or may not be able to buy the same brands when you arrive at your destination.

Health items

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Unless you are staying at a top quality resort, it always pays dividends to bring medicine and other health items. First aid kits are the first item you need to bring along with any prescription medicine and a printed note from the pharmacy just in case you are asked where you got them from. Painkillers are also a smart idea and any allergy medicines just in case you get stung or touch something that you are allergic to. Also, don’t forget the sunblock and insect repellent.

Carry-on bag

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These are handy for the long or even short-haul flights and add a few toiletries for freshening up as well as a book and maybe some electrical items such as a camera and your iPad if you have one.

Important items

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Finally, always remember your travel documents, cards and foreign currency as well as traveller’s cheques for your journey. These are best kept on your person just in case your bags are lost en-route, perish the thought!

You are set!

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So there you have it, follow these cool tips and we are 100% that you will enjoy your trip because everything is has been taken care of – have fun!

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