7 Things Every Train Traveler Needs To Do

Travelingbytrain can be really fun and at the same time, it can be quite easy on your pocket as well. If you are planning a backpacking trip then you can simply go ahead and travel by train to keep the cost of travel low. Apart from this, you can also cover up a maximum number of destination because of better connectivity. You can always visit www.irctc.co.in which is IRCTC Next Generation Website. You can make reservations via portal if you have your IRCTC Login Credentials for yourself.

In this article, we have listed 7 things that every train traveler need to do while traveling via train in India.

7 Things Every Train Traveler Needs to Do

  • Insurance–As per a new rule, IRCTC doesn’t offer insurance for free now. You need to purchase it while booking the ticket. The cost of insurance is less than Re 1 and hence you must always take care that you get the insurance for yourself.
  • Chain & Lock– If you are carrying luggage with yourself then do not forget to carry Chain and Lock with you. You can lock your luggage under the seat so as to avoid any theft while you are asleep. Always stay careful with your personal belongings while traveling via train.
  • Reservation– You can make a reservation via IRCTC Next Gen Portal and even if you do not have a train reservation then you can travel on General tickets. Short journeys are not a problem in general berth as well. This can be taken for long journeys as well but it can get a little uncomfortable for you. This is the best alternative when you need to travel on an urgent basis and you are not able to procure tickets in Tatkaal.
  • Toiletries– You can keep toiletries in your handbag as you might need them while using the toilet. The trains usually do not have hand wash for use and hence we recommend you to keep toiletries handy. Also, you can keep some of the medicines handy with yourself.
  • Food–There are two options here. If you tend to get stomach upset while traveling then we would recommend you to carry food from your home,however, you also have an option to book the food to be delivered to your seat.
  • Bedroll– Some of the trains do not have bedroll and you need to order them while traveling. You can also pre-book your bedroll with help of IRCTC Next Generation Portal.
  • Keep it Clean– Lastly, please ensure that you keep the train clean. Do not litter around and ensure that you use dustbin to clear of the garbage.

These were 7 things that you must do while traveling with Indian Railways and this will ensure that your journey is comfortable. In case of any issue, you can contact the IRCTC helpline or you can tweet on the Indian Railways twitter handle. The problem will surely be resolved at the earliest.

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