Top 5 Beach Destinations In India Perfect For A Seaside Vacation

Mountains or beaches? This has been an age-old debate between all mortal beings since time immemorial. Thankfully, if you are travelling to India, you are up for getting a handy dose of both. When it comes to seashores though, India has really a diverse variety to offer. From the happening beaches of Goa which shine as bright as fairy lights during December nights to the sombre beaches of Kanyakumari, where the waves break in dramatically around the sturdy rocks, India is heaven for beach lovers.

Not only that, the subcontinent is peppered with scenic beaches all over. For an instance, you can enjoy a mesmerising view of the Bay of Bengal from luxurious hotels in Puri or you can bask in the beauty of the sea in God’s own country Kerala. Though the country is in a tragic state post the massive floods that broke in recently and tourism will get some time to repair.

Here we present to you the 5 beach destinations that we think you should definitely visit when you are visiting India the next time


Ideal for a complete family vacation, Puri finds itself high up in this list because of the up, close and personal view it offers you when it comes to the sea. Situated in Orissa, Puri is also famous for its artistically appealing temples as well as its special local delicacy “Jibhegoja”. It is a top favourite spot to travel for people residing in West Bengal as it is hardly a night’s journey from the place. It has also gained popularity amongst beach-loving tourists all over India.


When it comes to seashores and beaches, the one place that can never disappoint you is Goa. A favourite amongst travellers not only across India but also the world, Goa offers sea beaches at its very best. An erstwhile Portuguese colony, Goa is wildly popular amongst the young population for its happening nightlife and scenic brilliance. Many famous movies have also been shot here.

Neil Islands, Andaman

The port town of Andaman consists of many beaches, the most famous of them being the white sanded beach of Havelock. However, we tend to suggest something unconventional here. If you go to Andaman, don’t skip the Neil Islands. It is a much less populated counterpart of Havelock and the blue of the water found here is simply magical!

Tamil Nadu 

Full of scenic beaches from Kanyakumari to Marina beach, Tamil Nadu is all about serene seashores. This a place you should never leave out if you are fond of the water!

 Rishikonda Beach 

Located in Andhra Pradesh only about 8 kilometres from the popular destination of Vizag, you can get dreamy hills, serenading beaches as well as the opportunity to indulge in water sports in this picturesque beach. Definite thumbs up from us!

Apart from these, India is also home to numerous other popular beaches. So the next time you pack your bags for travel to this diverse subcontinent, carrying sunblock is a must.

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