Why Is Bali Such A Great Holiday Destination?

Bali is an island resort of Indonesia and by far and away the most popular for tourists and visitors to this country. Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands but more than 80 per cent of all visitors to the country enter in through Bali. Many of whom stay here and go nowhere else. It really is the island that has everything for the holidaymaker, visitor, traveller and tourist alike and there are amazing places to stay too.

If you were to look at the bucket lists of seasoned travellers and intrepid tourists across the planet, Bali will come up time after time as the number one choice destination to go to.

There are many contrasts on the island of Bali. One trek through the rainforest in the very warm heat of the day can easily end with a stroll on the beach, just an hour or two later.

The locals are incredibly friendly and will go a long way to avoid conflict. It is an island where the fresh food and general cuisine is of the highest standard. The everyday street food is cheap and exotic.

The island cities and towns are host to a number of “warungs” where you can buy fried rice, noodles, chicken and tasty delicacies at a very low cost. There are many vegan and vegetarian choices here too. The island seems to be full of smoothie bars; where you can find a fruit and/or vegetable drink that’s very healthy and extremely tasty indeed.

Surf’s Up in Bali

If you are into surfing and swimming, Bali is the holiday destination of choice. It is known as something of a haven for the surf community. After a long day on the beach, the perfect way to end the day is in one of the hundreds of beachside bars, where the incredible views and sunsets are celebrated and enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Rice Paddies

The fields, or paddies, where rice is grown are an important part of Bali and guides will take you on tours around the paddy fields to show you how it is grown and cultivated. One can learn just why rice is the staple diet on the island.


Bali is a shoppers’ paradise and you can really get lost among the multitude of market stalls, food vendors and boutiques here. The island truly ranks among the world’s greatest holiday destinations.

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