Major Reasons Why Devon is Every Foodie’s First Choice

Although the UK has many excellent places to go and visit, Devon has to be at the top of the list simply because it has so much to offer. Yes, we are talking about the glorious beaches and stunning scenery but also the incredible fresh produce and brilliant restaurants. This short but sweet article talks about the fact that Devon is definitely a foodies heaven. So if you were looking for some inspiration for your next weekend trip, look no further because you have just found it.

Michelin chefs

So if you are all about the very top restaurants in Devon, you will probably know a thing or two about Michelin stars. It is no surprise that there are plenty of these highly rated eateries in Devon as well as AA-Rosette classified restaurants to choose from. Come and combine a stay with brilliant food at some of the wonderful hotel restaurants on the moors and you will be blown away by the choice and the breathtaking scenery.

Fresh food

If you are very much into locally sourced grub, then here is another reason Devon should be your dream place for both long and short stays. You see, most of the restaurants and chefs absolutely pride themselves on being about to get their ingredients from the region and that is possible thanks to the high level of care taken to produce fruit, vegetables and fish, not to mention meat and poultry from right here in lovely Devon! So, not only can you enjoy the wonderful creations and recipes from Michelin starred chefs in Devon, you can forage for yourselves and try your own hand at cooking also.

Combine nature and fine dining

Typically there are places in the UK where you can see the best of what nature has to offer as well as others where the top restaurants happen to be. But here in Devon, we have both on offer and that is what makes it such a special place to be. The beaches are out of this world and the walks are amongst the best of the country’s best beauty spots. The produce, including seafood, beef, lamb and cheese is as good as you will get anywhere in the world, let alone the UK. Just check out the stunning coastline for some inspiring views that you won’t forget in a hurry. Cream teas are another speciality that Devon produces with effortless ease. There are some tea rooms here that will blow you away with their charm and old world style. Please refer to the guidebooks and online resources for some amazing places to stay when here in Devon. There are some incredibly secluded coves and some very cool guest houses as well as a myriad of stylish hotels to choose from.

We hope this glimpse of Devon explains just why it is so very popular with foodies from all over the world. Why not pencil in a weekend trip to Devon sometime soon and you can explore these quite simply amazing places for yourself?

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