Four Ways to Make Staying in a Caravan More Bearable

Caravanning has long had a bad name when it comes to choosing your holiday. But a lot of fun can actually be bad from taking a holiday in a caravan.

Choose the right campsite
There is no point in staying at a holiday park that has children’s clubs, mini discos and camp mascots if you are looking for peace and quiet. Get one of the many publications out there (or turn on the computer and fire up the good old internet) and read the descriptions of the camp sites well before you book. If you want a relaxing holiday or are just using the site as a base to collapse after an evening of cycling or walking, avoid the sites with onsite clubhouses at all costs. These are the places that attract large single groups and families with young children. Instead, aim for somewhere smaller that has fewer pitches and head for the local pub at the end of the day.

Keep it clean and smelling fresh

Keeping a caravan clean is vital; living in a confined area means that bad smells sometimes creep in. Cooked bacon smells good in the morning but not so good a few hours later. A good clean will not only kill any lurking bacteria, but will also give your mobile home from home a fresh smell all day.

You may find that you can neutralize bad smells by using a fragrance. You may find that this is really important after a few days being in such a confined space – with cooking and a portable loo not exactly the most pleasant of smells!

Home Comforts

If you have never been in a caravan before, you may find that it takes a few attempts to get back to basics. Portable DVD players and laptops are a good way of helping you feel normal. Get out that old family favourite, the board game and get everyone involved. Keeping everything neat is important in a small space. A pleasantly scented fragrance will keep everything hygienic and fresh all day, particularly if you have pets with you. Pet odors are far more noticeable in a caravan, so a daily wipe down with a good disinfectant product will keep them away.

Travel safely

As with any holiday, safety is important when holidaying in a caravan. If you are touring from site to site, make sure you pack everything away safely whilst the van is on the move. When you set up camp, make sure everything is secure and remember that you are cooking in a small space, so be very fire aware. If you aren’t used to touring, keep your speed down when towing. Instead of being embarrassed by the queue of cars behind you, make it a daily game and see what the highest score you can get is.

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