4 Museo Galileo In Florence

The Galileo Museum in Florence is an interesting place to visit. It shows the progresses of science in all ages. That’s why it is also known with the name of Museum of the History of Science.

It contains a variety of objects, instruments and scientific articles dating back to the past centuries. Its fame is widespread throughout the world. If you are visiting Florence, be sure to visit the Galileo Museum.

If you love science, technology and inventions you can also take part to different experiences, for example you can learn how to use an astrolabe to calculate the time.

The rooms

Among the things you can see inside the Galileo Museum ther is the Medici Collection, 9 rooms fulfilled with objects belonging to the Medici family, from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

Another collection shows the artifacts of Galileo, like its two telescopes and the thermometers of the members of the Cimento Academy.

Other 9 rooms are dedicated to the instruments and sperimental objects belonging to the 18th-century Lorraine dynasty. These pieces are proof of the great Italian contribution to the progresses in the fields of electricity, electromagnetism and chemistry.

The library

The Galileo Museum has a library with 150.000 books related to the history of science. There is a collection of 5000 ancient books that include works from the Medici-Lorena collection, and others scientific works of physics and mathematics.

It also houses 18th-20th century books as well as other interesting archives. The library is renewed every year, acquiring about 1800 new works.

The multimedia lab

The Galileo Museum didn’t stop its expansion: just like every good science museum, it’s keeping updating and advancing. For this reason, the museum also highlights the information technology, and a multimedia lab has been installed since 1991.

It produces interactive applications for the online and offline world, with the purpose of spreading and documenting collections and creating digital files that contribute to the study of the history of science.

Useful information

The Galileo Museum is located in Piazza dei Giudici, 1. It is open from 9.30 to 18.00 every day of the week, although Tuesday closes just before 13.00.

The entrance fee is 9 for adults, and 5.50 for young boys between 7-18 years or elders over 65. For children up to 6 years the entrance is free. If you want to reach the Galileo Museum by public transportation, just get on the bus B/23.

You can visit the Galileo Museum by yourself or with a guide. We suggest Guided Florence Tours, one of the most reliable in town.

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