10 Useful Tips You Need To Know About Airport Transfer When Visiting The UK

The most common means of airport transfer in the UK constitute taxis and minicabs. They are not only a familiar sight in the country’s streets but also one of the most unique features of major cities in the United Kingdom. For instance, the legendary black cabs are synonymous with the capital city of London. This is the despite the fact that the cabs are now available in several other colours. All in all, taxi and minicab companies provide travellers a safe airport transfer means in the country.

The cabs may sometimes carry advertising banners and you can hail one on the street while taxis can be found in taxi ranks outside airports. The cab drivers are usually highly knowledgeable about the city routes and roads and they are known for their cheerful humour which can easily make your journey lively. However, as a safety precaution, it is always important to make use of only licensed taxis. Below are ten useful tips that you need to know when booking airport transfer in the UK

  1. Book Your Taxi Online: This isensures thatyou have a traceable record of your booking. A booking confirmation from the taxi company would be necessary. This becomes your ultimate security, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, since you have a written record to back you up
  2. Demand for a Quotation: Getting a quotation for a fixed price would be advisable before booking your airport transfer. This is to avoid being surprised by extra charges such as parking and waiting fees or a premium for night travel. Ask upfront whether the costs are inclusive in the price.
  3. Countercheck Your Dates: Due to time differences in different parts across the world, it becomes easy to make date mistakes. Most people make the mistake of giving their take-off dates as their dates of arrival, when making an airport transfer booking. This might easily create a lot of confusion.
  4. Give Sufficient Information: Detailed information on your travel arrangements is very important. This should include: number of passengers, the date and time of arrival, contact number, flight numbers, terminal information and any special needs.
  5. Ensure Your Phone is On: This enables the airport transfer company to easily get in touch with you. Since airports are ever busy, it is easy to miss your driver even when they are waiting for you. A means of direct communication through a phone call or text message makes things easier.
  6. Gracefully Accept Help: Accept the driver’s assistance in showing you the right direction or even carrying your luggage since this is normally part of the service.
  7. Make Use ofa Meet and Greet Service: If you are meat at the terminal, it becomes easier to avoid being rushed since the driver can easily help you with the luggage and you can even be able to use the washrooms or grab a cup of coffee before hitting the road.
  8. Always Give Feedback: It is always courteous to let the company know what you think about their airport services. This helps them to know if anything could be improved.
  9. Don’t Hesitate To Ask: Never be afraid to ask the driver for anything you need during the journey to and from the airport, even if it is a short stop to stretch your legs.
  10. Don’t Forget To Enjoy the Ride: Once the car arrives, you need to sit back and relax after that long flight. A good ride is one of the best ways to unwind.

http://www.minicabzlondon.co.uk normally charge cheaper rates. But, unlike taxis, they cannot be hailed from the street. Hence you need to book them in advance.For smooth airport transfers, it is always advisable to use licensed minicabs from a trustworthy company.

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