Get A Complete Overview Of ESTA Authorisation For US Travel

ESTA is nothing but an online-based authorisation to those travellers who are travelling to the USA either for recreation or for business purpose. But ESTA USA offers this authorisation only to those fellows who belong to countries having participated in the visa-waiver program. This program has completely eliminated hassles of filling-up green-i-94W form.

In fact, now, you can easily avoid USA-immigration risks or troubles as well. ESTA remains valid either till the validity of your passport or else for maximum two-years, whichever comes first. After the expiry of ESTA, you have to re-apply for the same in order to continue receiving advantages from the same. You should get an ESTA-guide in order to know more info about the same.

Major facts to be known:

  • There are many people who think ESTA is a kind of travel-visa to the USA but this is completely untrue.  This is just an online-authorisation for travellers flying to United-States. Under ESTA you do not require acquiring any visa for your US-travel. Within almost 24-hours from your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation regarding your ESTA-approval.
  • The validity of ESTA USA remains approximately for two-years. But you cannot stay on this visa for two-years rather you can make several trips maximum for 90-days within these two-years. Only valid-passport holders will get ESTA travel-authorisation and thus before application you have to check out that whether your passport is still valid or not and whether your passport will get expired in coming two-years or not.
  • Tourism and business are the two major purposes for which ESTA-visa can be used. This is because both these purposes usually cover short tenure and thus the travellers find ESTA much useful. Short-term medical-treatments and educational-seminars can also be conveniently planned to the USA with ESTA.
  • Three kinds of responses can be received after making ESTA-application. Authorisation-approved denotes that your application will surely get approved and you will receive ESTA without any doubt. Authorisation-pending represents that your application is going through vetting’s secondary-stage and you have to wait for almost 72-hours for receiving the final decision. Unauthorised travel means that your eligibility has failed to fulfil the application requirements as a result of which you will not be able to receive ESTA for your US-travel.
  • Individual ESTA-application is needed for every US-traveler. The current report says that even the kids need to make individual applications for receiving this travel-authorisation online. Parents can definitely make the application on behalf of their children but the application should be made in the name of the child only.
  • Border-patrol agents will take the ultimate decision that whether the applicants should receive ESTA or not. Since US-security is strict therefore you need to produce your passports to these agents first and they will decide after verification that whether you should be allowed for making ESTA-application or not.

Every minute detail relating to your US-travel should be disclosed to them and then only their verification-process can be satisfied. Some basic details to be shared are travel purpose, travel tenure, economic situation and many more.  ESTA USA renewal is not possible but you can surely make re-application of the same.

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