A Holiday With A Difference!

A lot of people go on holiday to somewhere that they may have been to before, or other times to places that have been recommended by family, friends or other sources. And what types of holiday are most of them?

The majority will be package tours often to places where there are swarms of similar tourists, often all going off on day tours to here and there, which at times can make you feel as if you aren’t even in a foreign country!

  • Naturally, there are some people out there who do go it alone and enjoy doing their own thing, but they’re usually in the minority.

How About a Change?

Hiring a four wheeled vehicle, a motorcycle or even a bicycle can certainly give you the chance to see somewhere foreign in a completely different light. (And it’s a fact that a lot of folk who chose to take such a holiday, never ever return to any type of packaged holidays, ever again!)

  • Taking the same boring old packaged holidays at Cost Brava or doing something totally alternative such as guided walking holidays, are indeed many miles apart!
  • Getting out there and doing something that many others will never even try, is not really for the faint at heart.

Seeing a Place Really up and Close

These days there are more walking tours out there than ever before, which are mostly day trips to a location and then heading back.

  • Walking tours normally have a designated starting point and ending point, and some instances, walkersare accompanied by travel guides.

And there are also other types of walking tours aimed at hikers who really enjoy exploring certain regions of a country, be it Scotland to Greece.

Time is on Your Side

Such tours can last from a day to several days to a few weeks! On these types of walking tours, the touring company such as https://www.walking-europe.co.uk/scotland/ can easily arrange for the hikers accommodation at different locations along the chosen route.

Many walking tours are commonly taking place in rural areas, or places of visual attractiveness, such as mountain ranges or in wilderness areas. People enjoy choosing such places because:

  • They can get away from the usual beaten tourist tracks, See some natural beauty
  • Get themselves fitter (if they aren’t already!)
  • Absorb some lovely fresh air!

But, not for everybody

A number of travellers on these sorts of tours,enjoy camping at renowned sites, due to hotels or other kinds of lodgings being at some distance and within easy reach of the tour route.

Some tour companies provide holidays where travellers can embark on a number of guided walking tours in different areas, but travellers may if they wish, be transported by bus or coach between each hiking tour.

Why Not Go it alone?

For those of you out there who like a little adventure, you can also go on a non-guided tour.

Keep on Trekking!

Once you try this kind of holiday, expect more to follow!

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