Why European Travellers Are In Need Of E111 Cards?

Are you looking for the cheapest travel insurance especially for European tours? Well, in this case, nothing can be the best option other than the E111 card. EHIC travel-insurance scheme came into being in the year 2004. European travellers can receive either free or minimised cost on different kinds of medical treatments especially during the course of tours. Necessary medical-treatments at a reduced cost can be received only by the card-holders.

This card is nothing but a document for health care entitlement and only European citizens can make optimum usage of the same. EHIC basically caters the facility of receiving medical-treatments especially emergency ones by European travellers. Medical-emergencies might occur at any time and if at that time you do not have enough funds in your hand then this card will be the ultimate resolution for you. You can get a great financial support from this card for fulfilling your medical requirements.

Private medical-healthcare is never being compensated by EHIC and this thing needs to be kept in mind all the time. Only public-healthcare can be financially served by EHIC. Critical emergencies often involve huge pennies and these pennies can be now easily saved by taking EHIC-insurance. Only some specific places are being included within these travel-plans and thus while taking the insurance you should have a look at the given location-list in Europe.

What aspects are being covered by EHIC?

  • Inpatient stays in hospitals or clinics.
  • GP visits.
  • Cot for prescribed drugs or medicines.
  • Doctors’ fees.
  • Treatment charges or costs.
  • Patient-care costs.
  • Ambulance costs.
  • Surgical costs.
  • Routine check-up costs.
  • Transportation costs especially while taking patients to hospitals during emergencies.
  • Appointment costs (dialysis treatments, maternity-care and oxygen).

Only if your E111 card is valid then only you will be able to avail the insurance-coverage. Therefore, you should consider card-validity as a great concern in this respect. After the validity gets over, the card needs to be renewed for enjoying the medical-benefits for a long time. Other extra benefits that have been to these travel insurance policies are theft or loss cover, flight cancellation or delay protection, emergency air-flights and other related ones. These benefits have been added for making the travel of the travellers more secured and protective.

Who are eligible for applying EHIC-cards?

Permanent residents or citizens of United-Kingdom are highly eligible for applying EHIC-cards. 4 children and 2 adults are being covered under this insurance. You can now get a proper telephonic-support in case you are confused how many cards will be required for covering your whole family. The application can be made in any language and in this regard, you can get options for almost 60 different languages. An EHIC-card is needed for covering one adult plus one child and accordingly, you should apply for the requisite cards.

Since E111 card comes handy therefore all European travellers are strongly suggested carrying it as one of the important travel-accessories. If you want to make your Europe-tour safe and successful then this card is a great essentiality. The application-procedure of this card is easier and you can come to know about the same directly from the official site.

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