Costa Rica – The Evergreen Place To Be With Your Family And Friends

With its rich history and the amenities of modern living, Costa Rica doesn’t need any introduction. However, with an annual temperature close to 270 Celsius and an average precipitation of 77.6 inches, Costa Rica has a rich flora and fauna. In other words, there is no dearth of family-friendly things to do in Costa Rica. But, based on your tour itinerary, you have to be selective so that you don’t miss important things there. We have, therefore, suggested a couple of things that you can look at in your visit to Costa Rica.

Hiking in the national park: Hiking in the unknown area isn’t just a play. It is essentially an adventure that takes away your boredom and replenishes you with the fresh energy. As a matter of fact, hiking in the national park of Costa Rica is a kind of once in a lifetime opportunity. Hence, you should not miss it on your Costa Rica tour. The best part is that close to 25% of the land here is afforested. Since Costa Rica receives precipitation all throughout the year, you will see evergreen trees here that would make your journey a memorable one especially while walking on the narrow path of the forest.   

Basking in the sun on the Guanacaste: You will be happy to know that the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has the longest beach. Interestingly, this beach is very popular for water sports activities such as the surfing and then, basking in the sun for hours. With a good number of sunny days on its credit, Costa Rica is an ideal place for outdoor games such as football.

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Swimming in the Llanos de Cortez: Swimming is a good exercise. It detoxifies your body and thus, revitalises you for the next challenge. In other words, swimming in the Llanos de Cortez waterfall should be a part of your itinerary there.   

Peering in the Poas Volcano: Poas Volcano is seductive, especially to the kids. Thus, peering in the Poas Volcano becomes a part of your family-friendly things to do in Costa Rica. The steaming smoke appears awesome in the morning sunlight. It is an active volcano and thus, you may find lava trickles at night.  

Playing in the sands of Tamarindo: Tamarindo is another popular beach for the tourists in Costa Rica for outdoor activities like sports fishing and surfing. The uniqueness of this beach is its vastness and clean shore that families love to stroll around. The reflection of the sunlight on the water in the morning as well as in the evening creates a mesmerising effect here.  

Visit the wildlife: As we said, flora and fauna of Costa Rica are unique. Meet the Howler Monkey and the poisonous blue frogs among others here.  

Based on your area of interest, you will find many other family-friendly things to do in Costa Rica such as watching turtles while laying eggs on the Playa Jesus. In short, nature has been bounteous here befitting individual as well as family needs.

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