How To Make A Powerless Passport A Powerful One?

For the uninitiated, powerful passport holders are allowed to visit more countries without a visa than those with a so-called powerless passport. Also, even if the powerful passport holders are required to pay visa fees, that would be lesser than that paid by holders of so-called weaker passports. The first world passports are deemed powerful passports while those from the third world are deemed weaker passports. However, it is still possible for a weak passport holder to be a globetrotter and there are many who have done this. It is about smart planning and building a background that appears credible to authorities that would be approving visas.

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Build a nice travel record

While being a third-world country passport holder can feel contained and less-privileged, there are ways to make getting to developed countries such as Germany, UK, US and Sweden a bit easier. Visa approving authorities look for your credentials and background when they receive your application. They would likely appreciate if they note that you have already had uneventful visits to many countries that provide visa a bit more easily. So, when you are just starting out, do not be too ambitious and apply for visas of the developed countries only. Instead, target developing nations who are a bit less fastidious about requirements and documents. Even if you stay in a developing country, you can still easily visit many developing countries. The idea is to build up a credible tourist record first.

Build up a strong network

Many developing country visa approving authorities insist on seeing proof of your contacts or host in the country. If you are able to provide evidence of your relationship with your host in the country you intend to visit, it does no harm to your chances of approval. So, well before applying for visa, build up a strong network. There are several ways to build up a network. For example, if you are a photographer, you can join several forums, build up a network on social media such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Remember that you need to do that for a prolonged period to build up trusted contacts. The main idea is to convince your contacts on hosting you when you visit. Once you have built sufficient trust, it will be easy. If you have influential contacts, they can do crazy things such as help you to do passport renewal in SanFrancisco or other cities or even get an expedited passport in San Francisco or other cities.

Build up sound credentials

To improve your chances of visa approval, you need to provide the following:

  • Genuine and complete documents.
  • Genuine and strong reason for visiting the country.
  • Evidence of funds to finance your trip. You could probably show your savings and documents related to your income source.
  • Evidence of your not overstaying beyond approved period. This is why, book return tickets in advance and show the tickets.

Sound credentials make travelling as easier as it is for a US citizen to get same day passport in San Francisco or in any other city.

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