List Of Night-Life You Love When You Visit Jakarta

Finding a place for a vacation can be quite a headache for some people. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is one of the most popular tourist areas in Indonesia. As cliché as it sounds, Jakarta is known as “a city that is always alive”. These words may be applicable to any metropolitan city in the world, these words are certainly the accurate description of Jakarta. This city is always alive, regardless of the locations and times. It is due to the fact that the city is one of the most populated city in the world. Another reason is a lot of Indonesians tend to work for long hours and night times, mostly micro business and individual workers. This is surely an advantage for traveler, because there are a lot of activities that can be done at night. In this article, we will give a brief things that you can do at night when you travel to Jakarta.

List Of Night-Life You Love When You Visit Jakarta

There are a lot of places to visit in Jakarta at night. The following lists provides some suggestions in how to use your night time in Jakarta.

  • Street Food: trying some Indonesian street food is the top choice to be done at night. There are a lot of stalls on the road that can be found only in the night to make sure it won’t disturb pedestrians at midday. One of the recommended sites is ManggaBesar Street. It is an area around the red-light that are full of diverse people mixing at one place. Other recommendations are Wahid Hasyim Street and Sabang Street in the center of Jakarta.
  • Rooftop Drinks: there are a lot of tall buildings in Jakarta, making the city as the number 9 from the list of cities with the greatest amount of tall buildings in the world. The night view that is offered from these tall buildings is the best. The millions of colorful lights replaces all the city’s flaws that are hidden in the darkness. The recommended rooftops to enjoy are Cloud and Skye. Burgundy Bar that is located in Grand Hyatt also offers a great view despite not located at the rooftop.
  • Live Music, Theater, and Concerts: if you are a fan of live music, Jakarta offers some great places for listening live music, such as B.A.T.S that is located at Shangri-La and CJ’s located in Mulia. The two of them have offers the latest pop and rock hits performed by Western band. For a more family-friendly options, Hard Rock Café located in Pacific Place and PaulanerBrauhaus located in Kempinski should be a better choice. For cheaper drinks and a younger ambience, Beer Garden is worth trying.
  • Cinemas: Jakarta offers modern and marvelous cinemas that cost only a half of most cinemas in Europe. One of the recommended cinemas is the CGV-Blitz chain that offers movies until 10 pm for weekdays, and until midnight on weekends.

Those are the things that you can do at night when you visit Jakarta. There are still much more things of Jakarta’s nightlife, such as clubbing and karaoke, massage and spas, shopping, night tourism, and even night exercise. But for a short visit, these places should give the best representation of Jakarta’s nightlife.

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