Drugs that are placed inside the suitcase when going on vacation

While traveling, one of the most essential things to think about what is medication. Food, climate change and current circumstances are compelling reasons that might cause discomfort to the body.
The most common illness abroad

If your usual ailments everyone knows and can prepare up taking the medicine, how the body responds to food and ūdensdzerieni change of composition in a foreign country, it can not provide. Spain or Thailand have grown up tomato is a completely different composition, as it is a home-grown product. Although the non-Latvian, avoiding to eat a variety of specific dishes can be no assurance that the traveler will not stomach problems while on the water. One of the most commonplace problems faced by a traveler from acute diarrhea. It begins suddenly, usually lasting a few days when it is observed more frequent stools than usual, accompanied by abdominal pain, fatigue, and sometimes fever. These problems usually occur from bacteria and toxins that accumulate in the body, as well as any possible viruses. Statistics show that the so-called travelers’ diarrhea occurs 30-50% of developed countries to tourists a few days after arriving in the country, which is already used unboiled water, such as ice in cocktails, scoured eaten fruit or have been in contact with unhygienic conditions-cooked meals. Ways to get in contact with a variety of bacteria, there are many. Southern countries must be careful with the freshly squeezed juice drinking outside the hotel borders, although pockets of vulnerability bellies respond to unusual organisms, or eating something good restaurants.

One pack – 600 tablets charcoal

The simplest way to form the body’s response to new bacteria is diarrhea. Illness, it is important to compensate for the lost fluid with saline solutions. As demonstrated in clinical trials, this drug reduces sick time and reduces stool frequency and volume. You can also quickly eliminates diarrhea, heartburn and flatulence because medicine is absorbing coating and features.

This medication can be given to children from the moment of birth, pregnant women and mothers who are breast-feeding as a tool is well tolerated. If we look at what analogues, which has for decades been used during diarrhea, it should be normal grandmother method – charcoal. By comparing these two components.As soon as signs of diarrhea, 1 adult enough to pack 3 times a day. Treatment of acute diarrhea in the first 2-3 days the dose may be doubled.

Particularly vigilant not to lose those going further trips to Asian and African countries where food varies considerably in Europe the usual training for the trip, purchase the necessary medication and hoping that they will not use it.