Be Safe On Your Journey!

Regardless of whether you go to visit friends or a serious business trip, every traveler is faced with certain risks. It is useful and interesting to see the insurer offers to journey feel safer. In any situation, the problem is resolved, and if you have insured your trip, then at work carries an insurance company employees. Interestingly, the modern insurance is not limited to support for luggage aizlidošanā the other side of the world, but is also able to compensate for your “sleight of hand fruit.”

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In short: a medicine for headaches traveler is invented insurance companies and the National Health Service, creating a “Travel Insurance” and EHIC card.

Select your insurance offer!

Every traveler has a personality, and each has its own requirements, so it has established various insurance programs. Additionally, you can choose how long will the insurance policy for one person or a whole group of traveling with your family, as well as holiday or business trip.

Live according to the plan is boring, and sometimes the fate of all other curb, so there are delays in travel insurance.

Sudden and acute illness is possible trip cancellation insurance. There must be a doctor saying and explanations.

Remember how during the trip Semyon slipped from the movie “The Diamond Arm”? Often, such cases are not, but what if?! Then no choice but to look for local public health authorities and recover. Against him, that physical pain will not come bundled with the pain of the purse area, it would be appropriate to secure the health insurance that covers emergency medical expenses related to an acute deterioration of health illness or accident. In such cases, will also EHIC, which will find out, read on.

If someone nipper is parakņājies your pockets and purse, then it is possible to receive support money and passport theft case.

What if your baggage liking stray or has delayed the airport staff, it is possible to insure your quadrilateral companion. About the delay will be reimbursed for essential goods, toiletries and clothing purchase or refund baggage damage or loss, if you have chosen an active trip, taking along your sports equipment.

Life as a movie! Sounds familiar? Yes, as often is the comedy of life. What to do if you are antique, hand slips and a long vase smashes into fine particle size? Do not worry, in such cases, there is liability insurance to compensate, which will inadvertently caused another.

How much would cost you a safe trip? Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance costs depend on several factors: traveling, traveler’s age, insurance coverage, trip length, and what do you plan to travel. To be more active, such as skiing, is subject to much greater risk, so travel insurance is more expensive. However, we say – it pays!

Travel insurance costs starting from 1 euro per day – that is even less than you would pay a cup of coffee. For example, when traveling outside of Europe for more than 10 days, the risk set could cost up to U.S. $ 22, the basic insurance will surely cost less.

When choosing your insurance company and the insurance policy, make sure that you are familiar with all the provisions of the insurance policy – Measure seven times and then cut. And in any case, regardless of whether you purchased travel insurance or not, be sure to remove your EHIC card.

What exactly is the EHIC?

EHIC, or European Health Insurance Card is a document that confirms the right of citizens of participating countries access to public emergency and necessary care to the same extent that it is provided to nationals of that State. This means that you can take out your EHIC card and you will be entitled to receive emergency medical care free of charge European Union countries as well as here in Latvian.

To get a free EHIC card is just fill out an application and send it to the State Compulsory Health Insurance Agency, but all you want to pass more quickly, then head to one of the State Compulsory Health Insurance Agency departments. Get the map a few minutes and take a trip tomorrow. The EHIC card will get the same day and same hour, please fill in the application.

What to do when traveling to hospital for treatment?

Travel Insurance

For safety reasons – to find out more before travel. For example, prior to purchase insurance from the insurer find out who, where and in what way you can call for help. Generally, insurers should have a reliable global partner who is competent to provide assistance at any time.

We recommend you thoroughly inspect any insurance policy before you go to a situation when you need help, you know exactly what to do and not do not waste a minute.

You see, even though you seem that you are abroad as one of Tom Thumb – it is not so! You have your own insurer and we, Vanilla Travel, which will not leave the uninformed.