How To Travel Eco-Friendly

Saving the environment from various threats which it faces day after day is a great deal and calls for attention from all directions including travellers. It may not appear to be so apparent but planning for an eco-friendly trip will go a long way in preserving and conserving Mother Nature. Whether you are travelling abroad for a vacation with your family or partner, for conference or even government affairs remaining environmentally conscious should come as everyone’s responsibility to have a clean and conducive environment to live in here are some of the basic tip on how to plan for a travel eco-friendly trip:


Travel documents & tickets:

  • Most travel agencies nowadays have embraced the latest technology which encourages electronic processing of tickets. This is seen as a positive move in reducing paper waste thus conserving environment at long run. It’s highly recommended to go for this option as you will help in making world a good place to stay.

  • Again, before you leave for your trips make sure to turn off all the lights in your house, thermostat, and air conditioners among other electronic devices which presumably consume power even when they are switched off. Plug out all of these gadgets.


Most hotels have gone green in offering services which will go a long with environmental certifications which provides the guidelines on how to remain friendly to the nature.

  • Eco-friendly accommodation may involve various practices such as water conservation measures, buying organic foods, garbage collection, and power reservation among others. Recycling has become one of the important tools as far as clean environment is concerned.

    • Some hotels are on the verge of recycling their waste products to maintain a friendly relationship with the environment. When traveling, book for accommodation in a hotel which exercises some of these measures to be part of saving our environment even when traveling. In addition, while still in the hotels you can practice safe means of disposing off your waste. This could involve turning lights off in your room, closing up water taps when not in use, turning off your TV among others.

    • Conserving the environment is an individual responsibility and not necessary a group or agency mandate. You can also participate in some environmental programs as may be provided by you hosts as part of environmental conservation. Needless to say, while in your hotel room avoid frequent room service as this just increases carry out waste. Try to use bio gradable detergents and soaps for your laundry and cleaning needs.

 Means of transport:

Most often use of public transport is a good idea as it will help reduce on emissions from vehicles. Instead of hiring a car consider using public means to reach your destination. Again some of the air flights such as Boeing 787 is seen as a credible option as it saves on energy thus entirely leaves much benefit than any other similar aircraft. If you planning to visit turkey you can apply for Turkey visa online and take part in making environment safe. Another great tip is to eat local as this gives you the sense of belonging and cuts on any waste which could be as a result of importation.