Best Travelling Destinations In Europe Those You Must Explore!

Travelling has become passion of the modern people and if you are preparing to visit Europe then we have come up with top 5 travel destinations in europe those you must add in your list of places to visit. We have included best 5 destination those will definitely add impeccable experience in your life. Here are top 5 travel destinations in europe those you should visit –

  1. Rome – The city of seven hills (Rome) is famous for its architecture and mythical characters. It is hometown of famous legend Romulus and Remus (Twin Brothers) who were son of war god and protected by the she-wolf. This story is connected with the artefacts those were found in the inner city. Rome is also known as magical city as there is always new things those you can discover. You can also enjoy great time with ghosts of the Colosseum while enjoying café or taste the wonderful world of Italian cuisine those are only served in Rome.     
  2. London – London is also known as the city of dreams where that is most popular tourist place of entire Europe. The energy of this ancient town is impeccable that you can feel only by visiting this amazing place. If you think that you can explore entire London in one visit then think again as you can spend your entire life in this town yet won’t feel tired of London.      
  3. Paris – The city of love and light (Paris) draws millions of visitor every year as it is famous destination among both couples and singles. The ambiance of this city is incredible in every manner that you could witness everywhere. The cuisine of Paris is also special attraction to the foodies. There are many beautiful museums, ancient churches and many other historical monuments those you can’t explain in words.     
  4. Prague – This is prosperous and bustling city that is attracting more tourists as compared to its history. This town has picturesque downtown that represent both dark legacy as well as resilient past of this town. This city was built in A.D. 870 and has faced major invasions, fires, floods but regain its lively spirit soon after the dark days. The urban fairy tale of this town is long listed and you can explore its entire history in its museum and architecture. You can live ancient life in the comfort of modern world while visiting this town.
  5. Barcelona – One of the most beautiful cities of Spain, Barcelona is popular among world for its food, nightlife and FC Barcelona club. It is ideal destination for couples, partier, culture lovers, artists and foodies. This city has overwhelming variety of things to offer those you can only explore by visiting this lovely place.

Hence, if you are planning to visit Europe then you must add these destination as your top 5 travel destinations in europe. We promise that you will have unbelievable experience in these destination those you won’t be able to describe in words. So, visit these destinations right now!

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