Finding paradise In Vrlika

What do you imagine when you think of paradise? Waterfalls. Beautiful lakes. Clear skies and beautiful views that look like the front of a postcard? If this sounds like your idea of heaven, you need to make Vrlika, Croatia your next holiday destination. The perfect combination of tranquillity and adventure, here are just four reasons you need to visit.

  1. Get back to nature

Life can be busy and it’s easy to forget just how much wonder the world has to offer. Every now and then you need to take some time out to get back to nature. The mixture of landscapes in Vrlika are a reminder of how wonderful Mother Nature truly is.

Vrlika offers karst valleys and grasslands, and huge open spaces that make you want to take your shoes off and feel the grass under your feet. As well as breath taking lakes and picture-perfect waterfalls, the town and its environs are certainly a sight to behold.  

  1. Enjoy action and adventure

Vrlika is also perfect for the active types; you can spend your days hiking up the surrounding Dinara and Svilaja mountains, or grab a bike and take a ride around instead. And if you’re feeling very energetic, you can even go climbing near the ancient Prozor fortress.

Hiking not for you? That’s OK! If water sports are more your thing, Lake Peruča offers a range of water-based activities you can get involved with! Whether you like to swim, canoe, kayak or even fish – the lake has something to suit every mood.   

  1. Soak up the rich culture

Vrlika is home to UNESCO cultural heritage, having been recognised for the cultural significance of the traditional folk music of Ojkanje. The town also has a very deep and intriguing history. Teetering on the edge of many empires, the earliest signs of life in the area date way back to 30,000 BC, but it’s the more recent architecture (15th-17th Century) that still exists in the town and is a popular attraction for visitors.

  1. Try the local cuisine

And after a jam-packed day of activities, you’ll want some time to relax and unwind, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere and indulging in the delicious local food. The traditional dish in this area is “vrlički uštipci”, and you can wash it down with local wines, homemade cheese, prosciutto and fruit liqueurs.

Ready to visit Vrlika?

With its rich culture, intriguing history and endless activities, this small town is perfect for a fun-filled getaway. But don’t just take our word for it – visit Vrlika now!

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