What to Bring on a Holiday to Spain

If you’re thinking about what you need to put in your suitcase before you set off for the airport to Spain, the list of luggage requirements will change depending on what sort of holiday you are going on. Likewise, it also depends on when you’re thinking about this; if you’re doing some research a few days or weeks before setting off, you have time to make sure your holiday luggage is spot on. If on the other hand your taxi to the airport is on its way, it’s a case of close enough is good enough!

Holiday essentials

Whatever you plan to do on your holiday, there are some things that you should never be without. Making sure you have plenty of suntan lotion and sufficient supplies of any essential medication you may be taking are incredibly important.
Advances in technology over the years means keeping yourself entertained whilst on holiday has become more straightforward. Bringing an e-reader with you can save greatly on luggage space when thinking about your holiday reading and similarly a well-stocked mp3 player or tablet PC can contain all of the music you could need for your break.
When taking electronic devices away with you, ensuring that you have packed the charger and any necessary travel adaptors is absolutely vital. Forgetting this can make your devices next to useless within a couple of days or so of landing and if you are lucky enough to find a replacement at your resort, be prepared to pay handsomely for it!

What are you doing?

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A traditional beach holiday with most of your time spent lounging by the pool is going to be perhaps the easiest to pack for. Make sure you bring at least two or three swimming costumes so that you can give them a wash after use and be sure to bring beach towels, especially if your hotel does not offer these.

For the evenings, it would be worth first checking what the night time temperatures are likely to be in the area you are staying. If the temperature stays quite high, you may wish to stay in shorts and T-shirts, but if there is a noticeable drop, be sure to have appropriate clothing. Similarly, it is wise to have a look at the hotel website to check whether there is a dress code for dinner. Some hotels insist that gentlemen wear long trousers at dinner for example.

If you are looking to visit any religious sites, ensure you have packed appropriately modest clothing so you do not cause offence. It should go without saying that if you are planning to spend a good proportion of your holiday hiking that you bring your boots with you, although you may wish to wear these on the plane over to save on excess baggage and make extra room in your luggage.

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