Where to Find Mediterranean Holidays That Avoid the Crowds

Sun, sea, sand and utter relaxation. This is the idealistic, dreamy view of holidays that we have in the months leading up to our summer break. This is the one time of the year where you can really get away from it all.

In reality though, there can be numerous things that make the summer holiday experience not so great. The main downfall being crowds – hordes of tourists, clogged up beaches, hotels with screaming kids and parents which aren’t much better all make us crave for something a bit more,

This is when we start to crave for the ultimate in quiet. To be in a resort away from the tourist trap. To be on an island where you can mix with the locals – not other people from the same town or city as yourself. To be somewhere the kids seem to have learnt some manners.

There are in fact a number of places where this can found – if you know where to look – and you don’t even need to get on a long-haul flight to find it. Even on islands situated within the Mediterranean sea, it’s possible to find an ideal, quiet location to really relax and enjoy your valuable time away.

Alibey, Turkey

This is the largest of an Archipelago of 20 islands situated off the coast of Turkey near Ayvalik. Accessible by bridge, this island has a multitude of quiet beaches and beautiful pine tree woods. It’s main town, Cunda, offers visitors many tantalising fish restaurants and quaint cobbled streets to explore.

Vis, Croatia

Equally beautiful and even more quiet is the island of Vis, situated an hour and a half’s boat ride from the Croatian city of Split. It’s well known in this area for being a great wine-producing region. Situated amongst numerous other islands off west coast of Croatia, there are many places to explore and stunning, quiet beaches to relax on.

Alonissos, Greece

For those who love island holidays then Greece has more than its fair share to explore. One of the best amongst these is Alonissos. It takes 20 minutes by hydrofoil to reach it from Skopelos and is ideal for those who love to take in a bit of natural wildlife during their trip. Of particular interest is the Marine Park, where Monk Seals are actively protected. There are also many secluded beaches which can only be accessed by hiring a boat.

Lesbos, Greece

Despite it being the third largest of the Greek Islands, Lesbos is actually one of the quietest and least touristy. You can reach it from Athens, though there are some direct flights from the UK. Due to the fact that the island is so large and the island’s internal travel system is not that great, it’s important to hire a car for the duration of your trip. By doing this you’ll be able to explore the heavily wooded areas in the east, and find some very secluded beaches dotted around its coastline.