Lost In Sydney, Are We?

When travelling to big cities like Sydney, the possibility of getting lost is always real. I’m sure every one of us likes to believe in their unmatched orientation instinct and pathfinding skills, but just for  the precaution sake, here are a few useful safety tips on how to stay on the path and what to do when you find yourself lost (no pun intended).

Don’t get lost on the arrival

If you arrived on an overseas airline, you will certainly have landed at the Kingsford Smith Airport. The best option would be a shuttle bus, if your hotel covers for one. If not, you have a taxi, which charges about $30 from the airport to the Sydney Central Station, which is in the heart of the city. Another option is a train, with the one way tickets costing about $15.20. Have in mind that there are no luggage racks on the trains.

Have a map

It goes without saying that you’ll need a detailed Sydney map. The Google Maps app is much better option than the free ones they hand out at the tourist bureau. Make sure your mobile device is charged at all times and download and update the local map database once you arrive. The most importantly, remember the name and the exact address of the place where you’re staying.

Get moving

The simplest way to get yourself out of the “wrong” neighborhood is a bus.  The buses follow the particular route around the center before they hit the suburbs. The first thing before setting out is to ask at your hotel or place of accommodation which bus you need to take and where is the closest bus stop. If you’re in hurry, you can always check on the Sydney Buses site. Sydney main bus hubs are Central Station, Circular Quay and Wynyard on York Street. If nothing else, mark these locations on your map.

Look for familiar landmarks

Try to remember tall buildings or squares and trace your directions from there. For example there’s the Sydney Tower, also known as Centerpoint Tower. It is visible from almost every part of the city. It is located in the neighborhood outlined by the Pitt St Mall, Market St, Castlereagh St and King St close to Hyde Park. From there you can easily reach the Sydney Town Hall train station, by walking west on Market St and one block south down the George St to the intersection of Park and George. If you change your mind and opt for a bus, they run north and south on George St.

There you have it. Although finding a way round Sydney seems complicated, it isn’t. The public transport is well organized, and there are enough landmarks for you to remember your path. But if you plan on working in Sydney, the best option altogether is a car. So, go for a driving training in Sydney and improve your skills focusing on all aspects of driving on the left side.