Capture Breathtaking Moments In Bali For Your Facebook Profile

Holidays are at their best when you have ample of time to relax, your phone doesn’t buzz every hour and you get to share your photos on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to make your friends and relatives jealous because they couldn’t make it to Bali with you. As soon as you enter Bali till the time you leave, you will have many breathtaking moments from visiting AMO Spa to quad bike tours, from staying in a villa and relaxing in your private pool to sailing on the fast boat towards the Gili Island. Capture each perfect moment and share it with your friends. But hang-on you need an internet connection to do all that. Go ahead to know where you can stay and what you can do in Bali this vacation.

  • Stay Well-Groomed Throughout Your Holiday

Getting a manicure and pedicure on a regular basis is a healthy habit. Hands and feet remain exposed throughout the day so the skin gets dry and rough. Pedicures and manicures help soften the skin, reduces rough edges and minimize the ingrowth of toe and fingernails. For women who really want their skin to stay healthy and well-groomed should pay a visit to AMO nail salon Seminyak for high-quality manicure and pedicure. They dip your hand and feet in potion EO blend and a choice of homemade potion of fizzy milk balls. Your nails are then cleaned, cut and filed if necessary. AMO has a collection of over 1000 nail polishes, so you can choose your color and get a nail art. The salon experts will guide if you have a trouble selecting the nail art and suggest nail color combination that will go with your complexion.

  • Keep A Healthy Diet Even When You Are On Vacation

If you are in Canggu area and craving for some delicious and healthy food, AMO is the best cafe in Canggu.The ingredients like herbs and spices used to prepare the food are grown in house. You will not find the supreme quality of food prepared in AMO kitchen anywhere else.. The range of food includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free option for breakfast through dinner. Don’t be disappointed there are a variety of options available for non-vegetarians as well. Enjoy drinks like a cocktail, fresh fruit juice plugged directly from their garden, green coffee, tea, soft drinks and smoothies.

  • Bali Tour On a Fully Automatic Quad Bike

For people who love thrill should go a Bali quad bike tour. The adventurous tour starts on a superfast bike from YehGangga beach. It’s a perfect location to run your bike through water streams, watch fishermen getting their boat ready to catch fish and some local villagers performing a ceremony on the beachfront. The guide will then take you to old villages of Bali. You will get to see the smile on the face of locals and the welcoming atmosphere. You can stop at few shops to buy handmade items and head towards the rice field where farmers wearing a traditional conical hat are busy examining the crops. As you leave the cool breeze and greenery of rice field behind, the guide will take you to the cliff top which gives a breathtaking view of south Bali coast. Check more details of the trip at

  • Comfortable and Cozy Villas

Get all cozy and comfortable in a3 bedroom villa Seminyak. This villa comes in the form of a penthouse. Your private home away from all the traffic noise and hustle of daily life routine. Perfect for an individual, family, group of friends or couple. Relax and spend your time calmly in a luxurious way. The villa is spacious, with complimentary Wi-Fi, swimming pool, en-suite attached bathrooms, dressing room and custom design wardrobes. Staying with Hu’u Villas makes you a VIP member of Sea Vu Play restaurant where you can have a complimentary cocktail and your kids can have a lot of fun. You can spend the evening at Sea Vu Play restaurant where events, live music and DJs are organized for the public on a regular basis. You also get a membership pass for Finns Recreational Club that has many sports activities for adults and kids.

  • What to Expect In A Low-Priced Luxury Villa

Before you picture anything different, let me tell you, you will get more than what you pay for. Rent a villa with Bali Villas and More and enjoy all the comfort which you would have imagined people get in a 5-star villa. Relax in spacious bedroom room, dip in your private swimming pool or get a stunning view of the beach. Bali luxury villas are fully furnished with all the facilities and you get a complimentary Wi-Fi, so upload as many photos or videos you want on social media or even share your Bali experience through the blog. Stay connected to the rest of the world which other cheap hotels won’t provide you. Bali luxury villas are located in the heart of the city so you get an easy access to major areas easily.

  • Coffee Plantation Bali Tour

Well, while sitting in a cafe sipping coffee you might have wondered, Bali’s coffee tastes delicious and different. What do they do with the coffee beans? To ease your curiosity book a coffee plantation Bali tour with Bali Tours and More. Learn how the coffee plantation is maintained, how the farmers hand-pick each and every coffee bean, select the best ones, dry it in sunlight and roast it in a clay pan. The roasting process is done using firewood heat. The coffee produced through this natural process develop a distinctive scent which tempts you to drink coffee in cafes’. Enjoy this fun tour by examining few coffee beans by yourself.

Other fun loving activities to enjoy in Bali are:

Take a peek at what lies beneath the waves with a snorkeling trip.

Go fishing in Bali and bring your dinner home!

Ride through the Bali countryside on an elephant.

Learn about Bali’s burgeoning craft chocolate making scene and taste the goods for yourself!

  • Stay in A Hotel

Hotels are another option you can choose for your accommodation in Bali. Most of the hotels are located on the main street and near beaches. So you can start your day walking the streets lined with boutiques, restaurants, small shops and bars. Bali Hotels and More have a collection of cheap hotels in Seminyak. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the staff members, great facility and comfort in your hotel room. If you have trouble figuring out how to commute and plan your day, simply ask a hotel staff and they will guide you in the right direction.

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