Hatta Mountain Safari Deals Good Enough To Have Huge Fun

Hatta mountain safari deals are great to enjoy the best time during your trip to Dubai. This tour is best suited and recommended for all those tourists who are adventurous enough to enjoy thrilling drive through beautiful and magnificent mountainous dunes. Hatta is absolutely a different tourist destination than Dubai. All through the journey you will get to enjoy the sight of mountains on one side of the road and beautiful and naturally adorned landscapes on the other side. The duration of this trip is approximately 6 hours.

If you will get one of the cheap desert safari deals booked for yourself, then your tour will start right from the place wherever you are staying in Dubai or Sharjah. Your tour bus or car will go to you and will pick you from your hotel and the journey will start towards Hatta-Oman road. When you will reach there then your first stop is going to be at Hatta Heritage Village. This village is a great way to peep in the 200 year old heritage of this area. Seeing this village can really make you feel actually going back in time. From there you will be taken to Portuguese Fort. This fort was built during 16th century.

Once you visit this fort and experience the culture of that era then you are taken to cool and amazing mountain pools. These pools come after you go across Hatta Mountains. This place is great for those tourists who are fond of swimming in cool waters surrounded by magnificent mountains. Once you get done with swimming in the waters, then for delectable food, you will be taken to beautiful Hatta Fort Hotel. Having lunch there can really be an amazing experience as this hotel serves the finest food.

At last, you will be taken to the traditional carpet market. There you can find and buy the finest quality handmade carpets for your homes. This ends up your trip to Hatta Mountain. Lastly, you will be dropped off back to your hotel.

Now before you get a safari deal booked for your next trip, you are supposed to find the best yet cheap desert safari deals. There are many tourists companies which can plan your desert safari trip just like the way you want. If you have kids and elderly people with you, then do inform for traveling or touring agent. In this way, your deal will be booked accordingly.

Things to take along

Every time you plan your trip to a certain place, it becomes necessary that you take along the things that you would need there. Similarly, when you are going for desert safari, then there are some things that you should never forget to take along.

  1. Take a big hat with you. The hat will provide your face with good coverage from sun. You can wear the hat while just walking along the sand dunes.
  2. Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  3. Wear a lot of sunscreen on the body parts that are exposed to sun.
  4. Take drinking water with you.

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