Romania Travel Guide – A Beautiful Country Like No Other

Traveling in Romania is as rewarding as it’s challenging. The mountain scenery, way of life, and incredible diversity cultures and wildlife of the country, leave everyone in awe. Expect that you will enjoy your trip to Romania as you will encounter interesting and tricky activities. This is why Romania travel guide is crucial for you to know the different activities or things you should do.

Romania is famous thanks to its vampire stories surrounding the Dracula’s Castle or Bran Castle. However, there is so much more to this country than doing a massive Palace of Parliament and castle tour. The cities in Romania have a vibe of their own that’s worth experiencing, yet if you like to see major Romania’s tourist attractions you have to travel deeper in the country to areas of Maramures, Bukovina or Transylvania. The major attractions, true local life, and unspoilt natural beauty of Romania are best experienced once you have your own Romania travel guide.

As you could imagine, the medieval castles in Romania were constructed in geographical vantage points that aren’t reachable easily and every local community has preserved their medieval way of life, keeping them away from the mass tourism and civilization.

The popular sights of Transylvania and the countryside that made UK’s Prince Charles fall in love with the country hides a lot of spots where you could enjoy nature. This can also be a good place to disconnect and explore the most of what nature has to offer.

Since Romania has underdeveloped transport infrastructure without enough tourist information centers or accessibility for the independent travelers makes it a little more challenging for the independent travelers to discover its real beauty. This is why it’s recommended to hire a Romania travel guide. The main reason behind it is that they could take you to the places or communities that only locals are aware of and in a manner where your trip can be hassle-free and easy. The best guides in Romania can also handpick the itineraries suited for your unique needs.

Once you decide to choose Romania travel guide, you must open your heart to the locals. You must spend time and get to know other people in the country. What makes Romanians different from other locals is that they are thoughtful, friendly, and hospitable. They’ll take you into their houses, feed you, and bring out some good foods and wine. So much willingness and hospitality to accommodate guests could seem strange and make your feel not comfortable at times, yet it’s part of the culture.

Enjoy your trip to Romania and let locals show you what this beautiful country can offer. So, get rid of the misconceptions you know about this country and never be afraid to open your mind and heart while you are in Romania. Try to discover more about the country and the locals because Romania has a lot of to offer and you’ll be surely surprised by such things. For additional information about Romania travel guide please click here .

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