Explore The Adventure In Your Area!

Amidst the manmade phenomena, you may explore the cities that indicate the luxurious cultural heritage of bygone eras and cities that are modern and high-tech.  If you are looking for the mixtureof these both, you can easily find it in the realm of Banglore. The city is teaming with people belonging to different places, regions, races, cultures and so on.

Amidst the busy streets and swift life of this city; you can enjoy thrill and adventure too. Have you ever thought about doing something different for your rejuvenation? Have you ever spared a weekend or a day for your enjoyment and adventure? If not then you need to do so for your pleasure. You can look for Trekking in Bangalore. Come on, it is not the right time to crack jokes. It is absolutely true that you can enjoy trekking adventure in your city. You just have to check out the spots and you are good to go. Just because you don’t know about the exciting thrilling spots within your areas, it does not mean they don’t Exist. Even if you don’t have time to organize a trekking adventure for you, don’t worry. Just shed all the arrangement responsibilities on professionals. Indeed, you can do that by becoming a part of a trekking group. There are many event teams and adventure groups out there catering exciting trekking ecstasies.

Do you have any idea about Ramadevara Betta?

Come on, you cannot stay aloof form the charm of this trekking spot. Ramadevara Betta trekking track is in Ramnagar and it is situated at a distance of just fifty kilometres. It is an impeccable trekking trail for the fellows in search of trekking experiences, rock rappelling and climbing deeds.  Once you have reached the point of base, you only have to climb the stairs that are somewhere around three hundred in number. After climbing the stair case, you will reach temple.  The further climbing starts from there. You will witness a thrilling and charming trek to reach to the top.   The spot is also known as Sholay spot and it can give you some thrilling and beautiful memories.

One day trek to Dhak Bhairi cave

Do you have any plans on Saturday 18th November 2017? If not then you must not skip this adventurous and thrilling event. This event is going to be organized by Adventure club.  Talking about Dhakbahiri, it is a cave of Lord Bahiri.   It is considered to be a sacred place for the local people.  Dhakbahiri is a cave that is on wall of the fort. Various utensils are carefully stored in the caves that are used for cooking. The trail and the paths are absolutely adventurous and thrilling. You are certainly going to have a great adventurous time during this event. While you are on trek, make sure that you are carrying your phone or camera. You must not skip to capture the pictures of the picturesque views on the way.


So, when are you going to explore the trekking wonders of your areas? Come on, you need not to sit at home and pass the time with that frown face when you have adventurous options on your palm.

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